Please read the information below and scroll down to fill out the Volunteer Application form.

Please read the information below and scroll down to fill out the Volunteer Application form.


Be part of your organization, apply for a CSIA Committee, and be part of your stakeholder organization. Committee assignments are reviewed by the President and Board of Directors and then appointments are made starting in March 2023.

VOLUNTEER COMMITTEES (Application and Appointment)

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The C-DET Committee reviews education, programs, and services for the C-DET Certification and recommends any advances in maintaining the C-DET Certification. Further, they recommend improvements or growth structures for quality training and advancement for CDET Certified Technicians.

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee (ETC) advises staff in the direction and guidance of the long-term education and training goals and objectives of CSIA. A major role of the committee will be to establish and maintain the organization’s core curriculum and relate this curriculum to the industry-recognized job task analysis. The instructional design of the core curriculum shall focus primarily on addressing the educational needs of Chimney and Dryer Technician professionals in developing and advancing their careers. However, the core curriculum will be designed to relate to other Chimney and Dryer Technician stakeholders’ current and future educational and training opportunities. The Committee will also be responsible for instructor recruitment and training.

The International Relations Committee coordinates and establishes relationships with Sweep Organizations outside the United States and works with such organizations to build education, programs, and services that benefit Sweeps and CSIA. It expands its mission to working with public policy on International Sweep Industries standards and research.

The Long Range Planning Committee aims to ensure the long-term success and efficiency of CSIA by promoting consistency between CSIA governance and practice. The committee makes recommendations to the Executive Committee regarding achievable long-range programs, services, or actions that benefit CSIA, Chimney Sweeps and Dryer Technicians, and CSIA.  The Committee works with the CSIA Board and Staff to establish 3-year long-term plans for CSIA.

The Master Sweet Committee is made up of Master Sweeps and recommends and reviews educational, professional development, training, and programs for Master Sweeps. This Committee also reviews the Master Sweep criteria and applicants for the Master Sweep Certification with a recommendation to the Certification Council.

The Product Acceptance Committee reviews products that desire acceptance by CSIA through application and testing procedures. The Committee conducts such testing procedures on products to ensure the highest quality for the industry bestowing the CSIA Acceptance Seal. The Committee will follow approved CSIA Policies and Procedures and review and recommend changes to such Policies and Procedures

The CSIA Public Policy and Consumer Advocacy Committee is to advise on Public Policy Priorities and support CSIA’s  Consumer Advocacy work with stakeholders by informing and engaging with them at the local, state, and federal levels on CSIA’s  Public Policy and Consumer Advocacy priorities.

The Research and Chimney Sciences Committee reviews and advises the staff and Board on the strategic direction and investment in research and development and technology; reviews matters relating to scientific capabilities and programs of Chimneys and Chimney Science; and identifies and discusses significant emerging trends and issues in science and research considering the potential impact of such matters on the industry and CSIA Certified stakeholders.

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