You’ve had your chimney inspected and cleaned, your smoke detector batteries are fresh and your electrical appliances are damage-free. You’re 100 percent protected from a possible house fire, right?


There are a number of things that you should do to protect your home from fire – and one of the most important (and sometimes ignored) starts with your dryer vent.

Why is that?
For starters, lint is highly flammable. During the drying process, the loose fibers that come out of your clothes cause lint to build up in your dryer vent.

How can I tell if my dryer vent needs cleaned?
Your clothes will take a much longer time to dry when dryer vent lint starts to build up inside the lint trap. This should be an automatic reminder that your lint trap needs to be cleaned. When too much lint builds up in your dryer duct, hot air can’t escape from the inside, and the build up can result in a fire.

How often should I clean it?
The dryer vent should be cleaned regularly both inside and outside the dryer.

This seems like more than I can handle. Is there someone I can call to do it for me?
Yup! These steps can be pretty easy – if you know what you’re doing. When in doubt, contact your local dryer exhaust technician, who has all the necessary tools to complete the job without the headache.

Where can I find my local dryer exhaust technician?
It’s easy! Just use the locator tool on our website: