You remember Chimney Swifts.

We got to thinking about the birds after seeing a story out of Oregon.

According to the report, a building fire threatened a grouping of Vaux Swifts, the Chimney Swift’s nearest relatives, where they annually roost in the chimney at Northwest Portland’s Chapman Elementary School, drawing large crowds of bird watchers each season.


Swift entering chimney
Photo courtesy Jim Williams
and Audubon Minnesota

The story was reported just as swifts are beginning their winter migration south, which means the birds will be making temporary homes in chimneys throughout North America in the weeks ahead.

Across the country, bird enthusiasts will be tracking the Chimney Swifts’ movements as part of a Swift Night Out this week from September 6-8.

As is the case with any animal, a family of swifts taking up residence in your chimney poses dangers to its well being and yours.

Animals in a chimney pose a fire threat or could lead to a backup of hazardous fumes entering your home.

The best way to protect yourself and any visiting swifts is to schedule an annual chimney inspection by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.

Remember, Chimney Swifts are a federally protected species, which requires efforts to keep them safe.

Plus, a family of the birds can eat up to 12,000 flying insects, like mosquitos, everyday. Their prowess as pest controllers next summer is another good reason to ensure they return next summer!