At Hancock Chimney Service in Grand Rapids, MI, customer service is priority one.

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Members of the Hancock Chimney team

Owners of the family business, Ken and Deanna Hancock, make good on this promise by ensuring their team of chimney sweeps and administrative staff are the best at what they do.

And that’s where the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s National Chimney Sweep Training School and our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep credential come in.

As the Training School opens for its first session of 2013 this week, two Hancock Chimney employees will be in attendance, the Hancock’s nephew and their daughter, Tarah. They’ll learn best practices and experience the latest industry technologies.

“Whether it’s family or another one of our valued team members, we want all of our employees to be as knowledgeable and professional as possible whenever they are out in the field representing the company that we worked so hard to create,” Deanne says.

Tarah says the hands on experiences she’ll have at the Training School will make her more effective in meeting customers’ needs.

“I’ll feel more confident in handling customer calls, because I will have knowledge in all aspects of the chimney system and in the inspections that keep those systems working correctly,” Tarah says.

Tarah is just the latest in a long line of Hancock employees to attend the training school.

“We require all of our new employees to attend the National Chimney Training School to prepare them for the kinds of jobs they’ll encounter in the field and to help them pass the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep credential exam,” Deanna says.

“It comes down to being able to make the customer comfortable when they interact with us by having knowledge that they can appreciate and trust,” Tarah says. “CSIA gives us that knowledge.”