Here at the Chimney Safety Institute of America, our mission is to provide industry education with homeowner resources, and our never-ceasing awareness campaign is made even more special when the media steps in to try and inform the public.

When reporters do articles about the need for inspection, we’re delighted. When they mention CSIA, we’re happy. When they mention specific CSIA sweeps, we’re even more appreciative.

So in this roundup, we offer special thanks to:

  • The  Intelligencer Journal/Lancaster New Era, also known as, for using CSIA as a resource for its Feb. 14 article, “Selecting firewood: All wood is not created equal.”
  •  The Sentinel-Standard of Michigan, for mentioning CSIA in their Feb. 12 article, “Increased fireplace, wood-stove use can lead to more house fires.”
  • The Seattle Times, which used a CSIA-supplied photo in their Feb. 7 article, “Temps dropping, so it’s time to get the chimney cleaned.”
  •, which relied on the expertise of Bill Perron, president of Chim-Chiminey Chimney Sweeping Services in Cortlandt, NY and a chimney sweep certified by CSIA. Bill first earned his CCS in 1991! He was in the Feb. 7 report, “Keep your home fires burning – safely.”
  • Adam Proto, a CSIA CCS-credentialed sweep since 2003, provided expertise to KSTP-TV Eyewitness News 5 for their Feb. 6 report, “Minnesotans using fireplaces boosts local business sector.”
  • ABC 36 in Lexington, KY, whose Jan. 30 news report on a suspected chimney fire referred viewers to Chimney Safety Institute of America for more information.
  • The Advertiser of Lafayette, LA for a Jan. 29 article on seasonal specialists that featured longtime CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep John Bordelon. Winter Storm #Leon had southerners interested in chimney cleaning and inspections. John has been a CCS credentialed sweep since 1985 and CSIA appreciated him recommending our website [] for our consumer safety tips.

We saved the best for last.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution [] referred Georgia readers to CSIA’s website in this article on the safe operation of chimneys and fireplaces. [The link is here, but it’s a pay-to-read website:]. Here’s a screengrab of the article sidebar that mentions us.


We are glad when media helps spread the word on our behalf, and we are happy to recommend any of our CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps to inspect and/or clean your chimney.