Zack Darpinian, a CSIA Certified Sweep with Full Service Chimney in Olathe, Kansas, was severely injured in a car accident July 25 on his way to work. His otherwise routine Friday, and his life, were turned upside down.

He suffered severe head trauma and is still in serious condition at a local hospital.

Although Zack’s progress has been amazing over the first 3 days after the accident, he has a long way to go.

The trauma to the right side of the brain was so severe, that the left side of the body is not as responsive as we’d like it to be and he’ll need a lot of physical rehab once he is allowed to leave the hospital.

Fortunately, he remembers his friends and family, but with all head trauma situations, there are bouts with memory loss, and the severity of that situation has not been fully assessed.


Sweep One for Zack. Donate to a special account.

Zack, who will be 19 on August 3, came to Full Service Chimney with an engineering background and “just a boat-load of aptitude,” said Robert Berry, owner of Full Service Chimney.

“That background coupled with his observation skills, his ability to understand Code and the underlying principles therein, as well as his fortitude and drive to teach homeowners about chimney safety lead him to a very successful start in this chimney career field,” he said.

We also would mention that part of Zack’s zeal to work with Full Service Chimney and be the best sweep he could be was because he was recently engaged and wants to stay in the area, marry his high school sweetheart, and raise a family.

Zack earned CCS badge No. 8478 when he passed his exam on July 19, 2014. His profile is listed on our CSIA website.

Even though he is a newcomer to the field, he has already made a positive impression on Jeremy and Brandi Biswell, who own a competitor (The Flues Brothers Chimney Service) in Zack’s area. It was Jeremy and Brandi’s combined encouragement to Zak that helped him pass the test on his second try and get his CCS credential.

Please help us relieve some  of the stress of the medical bills, daily expenses and lost wages so we can help get Zack back on his feet and back to the life he wants to begin with his fiancee, Kalee.

CSIA has established a special account on the gofundme site: Sweep One For Zack. We hope you’ll visit the page and donate the income from you might charge for one sweeping job.

If you aren’t comfortable with that site, you may send donations to Zack in care of Full Service at the following mailing address. (Cards are also welcome)

Zack Darpinian

c/o Full Service Chimney

P. O. Box 10144

Olathe, KS 66051

The Full Service Chimney family is:  Robert, Mary Jo, Alexis, Ritchie, Jake, Noah, and Zack!