Here’s a message we received (via Facebook) today from Ralph Scantlin Jr., a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep since 2013 with Clean Sweep Chimney Service of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Ralph wanted to share some pictures with us of a chimney he is working on today.

Ralph Scantlin1 Ralph Scantlin2

The back story: Ralph’s father video-scanned a customer’s chimney 20 years ago because of a chimney fire, and provided a bid to fix the chimney.

The homeowner got someone else to do the work, however, and it looks like that vendor put too small of a reline in.

So today, Clean Sweep took the old reline out and replaced it with one that supports a buck stove model 74 and a new reline to the stove.

“The house has changed hands a few times,” Ralph told us. “The current owner used it one time and said it smoked on him and then he called us to come look at it for him.”

Here’s what he found.

It’s why a video camera can come in handy — and why you should never just trust your eyes when you have a problem that a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep is qualified to handle.

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Here’s some “after” shots of the same property.