Nobody enjoys seeing their industry portrayed negatively in the media, but all professions are susceptible to getting a “black eye” due to negative press coverage from time to time, including chimney sweeping.

The website [@njdotcom on twitter] produced such a story in December.

The headline was far from flattering: “Homeowners scammed by con-artist chimney companies get their money back from state.” 

The “con artist” identified in the article is not a CSIA Certified Sweep and is not listed in our directory.

There are a lot of reputable people in our line of work, people who bend over backwards to help out homeowners wanting to use their fireplace.

Our credential-holders have to agree to an ethics pledge, one of the pillars that CSIA holds dear: “To render my services in an honest and fair manner and to refrain from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices or making any unfair or deceptive statements including but not limited to with regard to use of the CSIA logos.”

CSIA appreciates that the reporter used this description, highlighted in this box:


Thank you to the journalist, Karin Price Mueller, for including CSIA.

We want readers of her story to be informed about potential issues with sloppy or intentionally unethical contractors, but we also want those readers to know there is a place they can turn to to reduce not only the risk of an unwanted fire in their home, but the risk that they will be “taken” as part of a scam.