Southern Indiana-based television news reporter Gabrielle Shirley covered a chimney fire in Newburgh, Indiana this week. Her social media observations were quite revealing!

Yes, the picture of a firefighter perched high atop a snowy roof is interesting. But what caught our eye was this observation:

What a smart move by these homeowners. They keep a fire extinguisher handy and were able to put out the blaze. They obviously called 911, which you want to do just to make sure, or “double check,” that the situation inside the flue is stabilized for the night.

It’s probable that the reason for the chimney fire was do to that culprit, creosote.

MORE: Watch this video of what creosote looks like when it’s removed from a chimney.

Now, the homeowner needs to seek out professional advice for a qualified chimney sweep, such as someone certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America. In 2014, we created a brochure for homeowners that was designed to be given to firefighters that responded to a chimney fire. One of the most common questions a homeowner will ask after the chimney fire is put out, is, “Is it safe to use my fireplace or wood stove.” The answer is, no!

MORE: Find out what to do after a chimney fire. Download our free brochure meant for the public.

“What You Need to Know After a Chimney Fire” was created by chimney sweeps, many of whom also have public safety backgrounds. Our goal with this nationally-distributed publication is to provide guidance to victims of a chimney fire or fireplace-related incident, making at least one aspect of their recovery less difficult and less confusing.

Best of luck to the family. We hope they get their chimney inspected and their firebox up and running, and can enjoy the cozy warmth without the worry.

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