Learn From Anywhere With CSIA eLearning

Before working remotely was cool, we were offering the ability to learn and train from anywhere with eLearning. Through our partnership with SureFire Training Academy, we offer a catalog of fresh and informative courses for chimney and venting technicians, business owners, and operations and support team members.

We offer courses a la carte or through subscription. Individual courses are $59 each (unless stated otherwise) but can be bundled to save you money. You can register and purchase courses individually or as a bundle right here.

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What Do You Get With Your SureFire eLearning Subscription?

Want to save some money? Consider an eLearning subscription.

With an eLearning subscription, you can learn the chimney and venting industry – from fireplace to crown – on any device, anytime, anywhere. What does your subscription get you?

    • Access to over 100 CSIA and SureFire eLearning courses with enough CEUs to renew your credential
    • Access to the Certified Chimney Sweep® and Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician® Online Review (worth $299 per user, per review)
    • Access to popular top-tier courses, like Chimney Physics, Lining Masonry with Stainless Steel, and EPA BurnWise
    • Access to online safety courses
    • Access to online training courses for operations and support staff

What Else Makes a CSIA eLearning Subscription Worth the Investment?

    • New CSIA and SureFire courses are added monthly.
    • The subscription fast tracks learning and can help get your new techs up to speed and ready for the CSIA exams lickety-split.
    • The learn-from-anywhere capability means your techs can learn during down time at the shop, between jobs, or even at home on a phone or tablet.
    • You and your team will learn how to use chimney and venting products from the manufacturers themselves.
    • Multi-user companies will enjoy focused learning and a learning path set by the team leader on a fully customizable platform.
    • Single-truck companies will have access to training specifically for them.
    • An eLearning subscription saves you money. The monthly subscription is a far better value than buying individual courses, hands down. The cost of the Certified Chimney Sweep® and Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician® Online Reviews alone make this subscription worth the monthly cost.

So, don’t wait. Make an investment that provides value to you and your techs year-round. Sign up for an eLearning subscription today.

Here Are Some of the Courses Available for Individual or Bundle Purchase (Along With Their CSIA and NFI CEUs):

*Note: Certified Chimney Sweep CVE Review, C-DET Review, Chimney Physics, Lining Masonry with Stainless Steel, and EPA BurnWise cannot be included in a bundle, but they are included in the eLearning subscription.

*CEU key:
H&S = Health & Safety
B = Business
T = Technical
C&L = Communication & Liability
C&S = Codes & Standards
S&H&L = Safety & Health & Liability

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

Have questions about our eLearning or any of the courses we offer? Reach out at 317-837-5362 or shoot us an email at office@csia.org.


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