Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® Credential

You’ve worked hard to earn your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® credential, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to keep it. Let’s go over some questions around renewal, so you know what you need to do and when.

First things first: When do you need to renew your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® credential?

Your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® credential needs to be renewed every three years.

How do you renew?

You know we’re big on education, and as an expert in the industry, you’re never done learning. That’s why your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® credential must be renewed with CEUs. You must earn a minimum of 48 CEUs during your three-year credential cycle. CEUs cannot be acquired after your certification has expired.

Accepted CEUs must break down as follows:

    • Technical | 12 CEUs
    • Codes & Standards | 8 CEUs
    • Communication & Liability |6 CEUs
    • Health & Safety |6 CEUs
    • Elective/Additional in Any Category (including Business*) | 16 CEUs

Total = 48 CEUs

*Business CEUs may not be used to meet minimum category requirements in Technical, Codes & Standards, Communication & Liability, or Health & Safety. Business falls under the ‘Elective’ category.

Do you have to actually submit your CEUs to CSIA?

When you earn CEUs with any approved course – whether through CSIA, NFI, or someone else – the information is sent to us in association with your ID number. So, we should have all your CEUs in our system. The only time you need to submit CEUs is if you are taking a course that’s not currently approved for CEU credit.

That said, we do suggest that you keep record of all earned CEUs, so that if there ever is a discrepancy, we can straighten it out prior to renewal.

If at any time you need to check to see how many CEUs you currently have, you can always log in right here to check.

How much does it cost to renew your credential with CEUs?

The renewal with CEU fee is $289.

What happens if you don’t accumulate enough CEUs in the three-year period?

If you do not accumulate the required minimum of 48 CEUs during the three-year period, you will forfeit your CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® credential.

How do you reinstate your credential if you lose it?

To reinstate your credential, you’ll need to order and pass the CSIA certification exam and pay the $299 application fee. You will only be allowed to reinstate a lapsed certification one time. Any lapse after that and you will lose the CSIA Master Chimney Sweep® certification until you are eligible to apply again.

Is there a grace period if you forget to renew?

We do offer a 30-day grace period for renewal. We also send out reminders when it’s time to renew, because we know how busy life can get.

Can extra CEUs rollover for the next three-year renewal period?

CEU credits do not carry over. So, once you renew your credential, you’ll start fresh towards your next 48 CEUs.

Where can you find more information about CEUs?

For tips on CEUs and where you can find approved trainings and courses, check out our CEU Tips.

Renew Your Certification Today

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Still have questions or need help renewing your certification? Please reach out to us at 317-837-5362 or office@csia.org and we’ll help you out.


As a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep®, you should keep up with renewing your credentials every three years.