CEU Tips + How to Apply for CEUs

Continued education is a requirement for our credential holders, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. What makes our pros so great is that they know more than the average sweep and stay up to date on the chimney and venting industry.

The good news is that your passion for learning and improving can actually benefit you doubly by counting towards your certification renewal. Here’s your guide on CEUs, where to get them, when to get them, and how many you need for credential renewal.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What Counts Towards CEUs and Where Can You Get Them?

We’ve compiled a master list of approved trainings and courses, so you’ll know exactly what courses count towards CEUs and where to find them. Check out the list below:

How & When to Renew Your Credential With CEUs

Your CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep®, CSIA-Certified Master Chimney Sweep®, or CSIA-Certified Chimney Specialist® credential will need to be renewed every three years. But the good news is, you can renew your certification with approved continued education.

Candidates for certification renewal are required to earn a minimum of 48 CEUs in the following areas:

  • Technical | 12 CEUs
  • Codes & Standards | 8 CEUs
  • Communication & Liability | 6 CEUs
  • Health & Safety | 6 CEUs
  • Additional in ANY Category (including Business) | 16 CEUs

Total: 48 CEUs

Note: If you do not earn the required number of CEUs in the required categories, you will have to re-take the exam to renew. CEUs cannot be acquired after the certification has expired.

Head here for everything you need to know about renewing your credential. To check how many CEUs you currently have, login to our Pro

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How Do You Submit CEUs Towards Credential Renewal?

When you take a course that’s been approved for CEUs with CSIA and/or NFI, your acquired CEUs are associated with your certification number – so, you don’t actually have to submit CEUs yourself each time you take a course. The only time you need to submit CEUs is if you are taking a course that’s not currently approved for CEU credit.

At any given time, you can check to see how many CEUs you’ve accumulated, and when you’re ready to renew your credential (which you can do up to 6-months prior to expiration), you can simply head here.

Regional & State Guild Curriculum Review Procedure

Material presented by speakers and class instructors from regional or state guilds or association programs may be approved for the CSIA Continuing Education Program IF the following criteria are met:

  • The presented material meets one or more of the areas of focus: Technical, Codes & Standards, Communication & Liability, Health & Safety, and Electives (including Business).
  • The CSIA Certification Renewal Committee reviews the speaker’s material.
  • Sponsors/instructors of the classes meet the control and attendance procedures recommended by the Certification Renewal Committee and the CSIA office staff.

If classes and related materials are submitted prior to the 30-day deadline, CSIA will produce certificates or other materials labeled with the dates, CEU credits, and category for the credits. CEU candidates are responsible for maintaining a copy and their own records of CEUs obtained.

Have Questions? We Can Help

If you have any questions about CEUs or the policies related to CEU courses, please reach out to us at 317-837-5362 or send an email to office@csia.org. We’re happy to answer any questions and help in any way we can.

Have questions about HPBEF or NFI? Reach out to Mary Jo Nadeau at 703-524-8030 ext. 126 or nadeau@nficertified.org


When you get CSIA-certified, you’re on the right track for your professional certifications and renewals.