Everything You Need to Know to Get Certified or Renew Your Credential

Looking to earn your CSIA certification or renew your credential? You’re in the right place. Just click on the certification or renewal credential you’re looking for below, and you’ll find the resources and information you need.

Have Questions Around Certification? Let’s Answer Them…

Earning your CSIA credential is a big investment of time, money, and effort. So, of course, you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Well, we want to help, which is why we’ve put together some resources to answer questions you may have around certification. Check them out below:

We also want to help set you up for success on the CSIA exam, which is why we’ve written Your Guide to Taking the CSIA Exam. You’ll find everything from study tips and required reference materials to how and where to schedule an exam. Find it all right here.

And when you want CEU tips or you’re wondering where you can find courses and trainings that will count towards your certification or credential renewal, you’ll find all that right here, in our CEU Tips.

From Research to Certification to Renewal, We’re Here to Help

Whether you’re ready to get certified, you’re thinking about getting certified, or you’re getting ready to renew your credential, we want to help. Call 317-837-5362 or shoot us an email at office@csia.org if you run into any issues or have any questions during the process. That’s what we’re here for!


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