You Don’t Have to Go to an Office to Have a Dream Job

Are you looking for a career? One that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen for eight mind-numbing hours a day until your eyes bleed? One that will engage your brain and your body? One that will actually make a difference in your community? Then you should consider becoming a chimney sweep.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about chimney sweeps and a lot of questions being searched on the ol’ Google. Maybe you have a lot of questions about the career, too. Questions like:

  • “Is chimney sweep a good job? Is it still a job?”
  • “How much do chimney sweeps really earn? Is chimney sweeping profitable?”
  • “Are chimney sweeps in high demand?”
  • “How do you train to be a chimney sweep?”
  • “How do you get CSIA-certified? Do you really need to be certified?”
  • “What does a chimney sweep *actually* do?”
  • “Is chimney sweeping dangerous?”
  • “What tools do chimney sweeps use?”
  • “Do chimney sweeps have to go on the roof? Can you be a chimney sweep if you have a fear of heights?”

Well, we’re here to help by answering a lot of those questions. And we’ll start by telling you that yes, chimney sweeps are in high demand. It’s a highly lucrative and rewarding career path.
And it’s nothing like what you’ve seen in Mary Poppins…

You won’t be covered in soot, head-to-toe, and shimmying your way down chimney flues or dancing on rooftops. (That’s just not safe.) What you WILL be doing is listening to clients, solving problems, learning, making life safer for people in your community, and earning a good living doing work you can be proud of.

The same goes for a lesser-known career that’s also in high demand, helpful, and lucrative: dryer exhaust technician. Dryer exhaust technicians clean, repair, and reroute dryer vents, reducing fire and carbon monoxide risks for homeowners, and keeping homes safer and more efficient.

Want to Learn More About What It’s Really Like to Work in the Chimney & Venting Industry?

If you’re considering a career in the chimney and venting industry and want to know more, check out some of the resources we’ve put together for you here on our website. Dig in and let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Join the Thousands of CSIA-Certified Pros Who Love What They Do, Day In & Day Out

Having a rewarding career that provides the lifestyle and purpose you seek doesn’t have to mean selling your soul to the corporate world and tying yourself to a desk for the next 50 years.

You can enjoy the satisfaction of working with your hands, meeting new people, and solving different challenges every day – and make a good living doing it – by becoming a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep®​ or CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician®.

Your future is in your hands. What will you do with it?

If you have questions about becoming a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep® or C-DET® that we haven’t answered here, please feel free to reach out at 317-837-5362 or We’re here to help.


As a chimney professional, you’ll need to keep up with getting or renewing your credentials…here’s how.