Goodbye-2012-...-Hello-2013-e1356835585298We are just a week into the New Year. And it’s the perfect time for a final look back at 2012 with a review of the most significant Chimney Safety Institute of America media from the year gone by.

We’ll start with a check of the most popular 2012 posts to the Wisdom from the Hearth blog.

From April, the most read post of the past year was Tornado Safety and Your Home. In the article, we offered our top tips for heating safety following a tornado or other powerful weather event.

Read Tornado Safety and Your Home.

The second most popular blog of 2012 was published in August. In Not One Log is Like Another, we shared our tips on buying the best firewood for burning safely and efficiently in your home.

Read Not One Log is Like Another.

Also from April, our third most viewed 2012 blog post was 5 Reasons Why Your Fireplace Doesn’t Work (And What to Do About It!). In the article, we diagnosed the five most common problems that affect chimneys each year.

Read 5 Reasons Why Your Fireplace Doesn’t Work (And What to Do About It!).

Beyond our blog, 2012 was big for us in the traditional media, too.

The year included a prominent role in special report on the Today Show that aired in October. The story featured the expert analysis of our CSIA Director of Education Ashley Eldridge.

Our experts also found their way into the pages of the New York Times, with Eldridge again providing expertise to reporter Bob Tedeschi for his story Smoking Out Chimney Problems.

We also appeared in one of the country’s best-known magazines, Popular Mechanics, to provide tips on How to Smoke Out a Crooked Chimney Sweep.

As we enter this New Year, we’ll continue offering safety advice and other tips here at the blog, because risks like carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires will be just as prominent in 2013.

Here’s to a happy and safer New Year for you and yours!