People like to watch – and you don’t need a frolicking cat to get them to hit the play button.

At the Chimney Safety Institute of America, we know that firsthand. Our relatively new YouTube channel just exceeded 10,000 plays, with three-fourths of our audience having tuned in during 2014.

Our YouTube channel was created in 2012 with only a handful of videos.

We’ve added more than 50, many of which we filmed ourselves or through a public relations company (Bohlsen Group, of Indianapolis) that did some great filming for us, including several voice overs.

The channel is a reflection of Chimney Safety Institute of America’s dual mission of industry education mixed with homeowner resources, so a viewer is bound to encounter a testimonial from a “brand new sweep” talking about the value of the CCS certified sweep credential … as well as a helpful video about purchasing firewood in the summer so it can season in time for Thanksgiving.  don’t even mind being informed, if the content is easy to understand as well as concise, and to the point.

The most-watched videos on our page include a demonstration of what a chimney fire looks like inside of the flue.

Some facts and figures:

CSIA YouTube viewers have watched an estimated 9,735 minutes this year, 62 percent of which was via a personal computer. Smartphone/tablet views accounted for 36 percent. The tiniest percentage watched from their game console.

We continue to upload new videos regularly, as this helps consumers and other interested parties know what’s happening at the Chimney Safety Institute of America and the resources that are available to them (including locating a CSIA chimney sweep in their zip code) on our website, Our site has a lot of help that’s in text form as well!



Video can be a great resource for CSIA certified chimney sweeps to showcase their skills, and should be part of your public outreach.