After the most recent C-DET workshop, I had a chance to sit down with CSIA instructor/industry expert/successful business owner, John Bently, to get his take on why becoming and staying CSIA Certified is so important for chimney sweeps and dryer exhaust technicians. In addition, John also reflected on what he as a consumer would want to know before hiring someone to perform service in his home, and even how he runs his own successful sweeping business.

You can view the full video below, but here are a few of John’s quotes which I thought really stood out.

On why CSIA certifies Dryer Exhaust Technicians as well as Chimney Sweeps:

“Dryer vents, chimneys, (and) air ducts are all the same thing: a passageway that accumulates unwanted material. Some are vertical, some are horizontal … we need to service them all. They all need regular maintenance.”

On getting and staying CSIA Certified:

“When you’re (CSIA) certified and maintain that certification, it does take a great deal of effort and to put forth that effort, you’re going to be involved in what you’re doing.”

“For me, certification means I care enough to try and stay in the front of my field. (Certification means) keeping at the head of the pack, pushing the envelope and trying to keep your own experience and expertise at the top level that you can.”

“Maintaining the (CSIA) certification is not cheap and it is not easy. It does take effort, but if you expend that effort you will be rewarded for it.”

On CSIA hands-on training:

“The ability to come in (to the CSIA Tech Center) and see real life situations, the lab equipment.. and just getting your hands on … it’s invaluable.”

“The instructors with CSIA are industry leaders. The majority of them have been in the industry for usually decades and they have a wealth of knowledge and they are able to pass it on to attendees of the school and classes and that is worth its weight in gold.”

*If you stick around to the end of the video below you’ll also get to hear John’s answer to my question about whether or not dryer vent cleaning has been a lifelong calling!