Sunday, September 30 – Saturday, October 6

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National Chimney Safety Week is the best opportunity for the entire chimney and venting industry to work as one to promote safety to the general public. Below are some ways you as a technician, supplier, vendor, or related person can maximize this week to reduce the, on average, more than 22,000 annual residential fireplace/chimney fires.

Share Content

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CSIA and it’s partners are putting together shareable content, including a brand new homeowner “get an annual inspection and sweep” video (stay tuned to www.chimneysafetweek.org) for you to share and promote to your customers and community via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (not to mention the library of videos on YouTube). (Take a look at this retro PSA)

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As we post throughout the week, you are encouraged not only to hit the “share” button, but also “Boost Post.” For videos, copy and paste links from our YouTube channel, the hit “Boost Post” – target likely homeowners in your community on Facebook, Google or Twitter. If every chimney and venting service company shares and promotes materials, we’re going to reach a lot of people who need to know about chimney inspections and chimney fire prevention. 

Consider linking to www.chimneysafetyweek.org on your webiste, too!

Talk to Local Media
Ever talk with a local reporter following a chimney fire in your community? Dig up that email address (or find them on their website) and let them know about the upcoming dates. Forward CSIA’s press release to them. Tell them you’d be happy to talk to them about chimney and venting safety (if you’re uncomfortable with media – let us know – we can help!). Tell them nearly every chimney fire is preventable with proper inspection and maintenance from a Certified Chimney Sweep®. This is a public service, and has the added benefit of being good publicity for your company.

If they won’t return emails or calls, tag them or their publication (newspaper, tv, radio, etc) in your social media post.

Let CSIA know when you’re featured in a story. We love to spotlight our ambassadors and hopefully, it shows as an example to others in the trade to do the same.

Host an Event
Ideas: Invite your customers to your shop (or elsewhere) for a cookout – give them some of your marketing schwag and maybe some CSIA homeowner brochures to help promote safety. Great customer appreciation and it will also lead to more safe homes by their word of mouth referrals.

Have kids? Contact their teacher, maybe you can be a presenter when the Fire Department visits during Fire Prevention Week (the week after Chimney Safety Week) or maybe you can speak for “Career Day.”

Think big – every cause has a “week” or a “day” – what has been effective in reaching you? How can you use that to reach your community?

Work with Partners

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Are you a member of your Chamber of Commerce? Do you have a relationship with your Fire Department? Police Department? and so on? How can these groups help you get the word out? In return, can you help them when the time comes? Think of partnerships where your knowledge can be helpful. Maybe they can share your safety content, at the minimum. At the maximum – maybe they will have you present at their next event or meeting. (PS: See if there are opportunities to distribute homeowner brochures!)