Read below to find out how to set up your free listing today!

CSIA has recently launched a new program that will revolutionize how consumers and potential customers find you, the credential holder, through CSIA. With Listings2Leads, you’ll now be able to:

  • Get your business in front of homeowners in the zip codes, neighborhoods, and communities you serve (not just where your business is physically located), even if they’re *not* searching on the CSIA website.
  • Track how much business is coming from your CSIA listing.
  • Get texts or emails from hot leads through your CSIA listing, so you can reach out when they’re most likely to book.

All companies already in the CSIA database with active certification holders will have a basic listing that will appear in search results that match your company address zip code on file. But you will get so much more value, exposure, and business from your listing if you enhance it with additional company information, including your logo, company description, services, as well as the towns, neighborhoods, areas, and zip codes you service.


In order to take advantage of an enhanced company listing on the CSIA website and appear in searches for EVERY zip code you service, PLUS opt-in to receive hot leads from consumers searching for you on our website, you must take action and fill out additional details for your listing. It’s all free, and doesn’t take too long to complete, so be sure to do this today!

Thank you for being part of CSIA. We are grateful you look to us to be the Standard of Excellence in the Chimney and Venting Industry, and we are excited to bring this new program to you as an added value.

Create Your Enhanced Listing

Follow these steps to set up your enhanced listing:

  1. Go to this reset link.
  2. Type in the email we have on file for your company.
  3. Check your inbox for a reset link (don’t forget to check your spam folder as well!)
  4. Click the reset link, set up your password, and you’re in!
  5. Once you are in your profile, fill out all of the different sections – most importantly the zip codes. Watch this tutorial to see how it’s done.

Why is my listing not working?

There are a few reasons why you are unable to log into your profile or why your listing might not be showing correctly.

1. The email we have for your company does not match what you are using to log in. If you are unsure which email we have in our system for your company, please call the office or shoot us an email at
2. The emails are getting stuck in your spam or junk filter. You get a lot of emails and it’s easy for ours to fall through the cracks. We always encourage you to comb through your spam folders in your email to make sure it isn’t hiding there. If you’ve looked for the email in your junk folders, you’ve checked with any third party spam filtering system you may use, and still can’t find it, please give our office a call or shoot us an email at

Are you experiencing other issues with your listing?

Let us know by sending us an email at or calling the office at (317) 837-5362.