Just more than a year ago, John Gerber wanted to make a change.

CSIA_CCS_PatchHis plan was to convert his home’s fireplace to a wood-burning stove, and he knew the project was not of the do-it-yourself variety.

“There was certainly a learning curve in having chimney professionals come to my home and explain the nature of the work that needed to be done,” says Gerber, who lives in a small community in western New York State. “I had three different parties come through, and Jonathan was heads above the rest.”

Jonathan is Jonathan Myers, a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep and founder of Ace of Hearths Chimney Service.

“Jonathan did not try to sell himself or his services on the basis of his certification, but it was clear that he had a superior knowledge base and was going to handle the project in the right way.”

Gerber, who has a doctoral degree in art history, has secured his own professional certifications as an art appraiser and says he understands the significance of such professional accolades.

“For most of us, our home will be the most significant investment we’ll ever make, and why would I entrust work involving heating and combustion in my house to anyone except the most qualified professional,” Gerber says.

After Jonathan’s successful installation of Gerber’s wood stove last year, Gerber invited him back again in early September for an annual inspection of the chimney and stove.

“He is the cleanest, most courteous worker that I’ve ever had in my house,” Gerber says.

You can identify your local CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep at CSIA.org/search and schedule your annual chimney inspection today.