Newspaper Boy ImageHere at Wisdom of the Hearth, the Chimney Safety Institute of America blogs to help keep you one-step ahead the potential problems that can plague your fireplace and chimney and lead to dangerous conditions or costly repairs.

To spice up this week’s post, we thought we’d leave some of the writing to others, like the Associated Press and other leading news outlets that have recently interviewed some of our experts and reported on the same potential chimney dangers we’ve talked about before here on the blog.

AP reporter Carole Feldman, who had her story about the importance of annual chimney inspections picked up widely by outlets like and the Washington Post, interviewed our CSIA Director of Education, Ashley Eldridge.

“Chimney sweeps are trained to determine whether chimneys are structurally sound and whether they need to be cleaned,” Feldman reported after speaking with Eldridge.

Her report goes on to explain how inspections are crucial to determining the safety of not only your fireplace chimney but also those chimneys attached to furnaces, which safely carry carbon monoxide and other potentially dangerous gases from your home.

Also making the news recently were our tips about buying the best firewood. It was just a week ago that we blogged Not One Log is Like Another. Already, homeowner and consumer bloggers have shared our tips on their sites, including Living Better online magazine.

We’ll be back next week with another blog update. Until then, maybe we’ll run into you in your local newspaper or at your local blog site.