Ever want a digital copy of the Successful Chimney Sweeping manual?

How about digital copies of CSIA homeowner brochures allowing you virtually unlimited printing?

CSIA is excited to announce we’re taking the digital leap with our manuals and publications.

successful chimney sweeping manual (scs)The Successful Chimney Sweeping manual (the current 2011 edition and the forthcoming 2019 manual) and the Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician manual will both be available digitally via our website. Don’t worry – print editions of the manuals will still be available from CSIA. CSIA white papers, like Chimney Fires: Causes, Effects & Evaluation, will now be available in digital form as well.

Perhaps the biggest change, is that our homeowner brochures will now be available digitally only – both in a subscription and individual pricing structure.


The new All Access Subscription will give users 1-year of digital access to all homeowner brochures, the SCS manual, the CDET manual, and our white papers. Digital access will give you the ability to print any of the brochures or white papers (in-house or through your local printer), and access the manuals on up to three devices (including your smart phone, tablet, and computer) per subscription. Homeowner safety brochures are a valuable resource for public safety offices (like fire departments), as well as home inspectors, and of course, chimney and venting companies, as they educate the public on chimney and venting safety.

For non-subscription purchases, either of the digital manuals, white papers, or individual brochures, you’ll have one year of access to the purchased document. For purchased brochures, you will be able to print in-house or send to your local printer.
We still have a limited supply of printed brochures for sale, but we will not be ordering additional supply.

The new digital brochures and publications only applies to CSIA produced materials. We will not be able to sell NFPA or IRC materials in digital copy. We will still sell printed copies of these and any book bundles sold in relation to certification will be the 3-book print editions.

Get your publications – à la carte or with a subscription – right here: https://web.csia.org/events/CSIA-Brochures-4657/details