The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a peer-driven, 31-year-old nonprofit that is the go-to source for major media organizations when they want to do stories about the chimney sweep industry. Just ask Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs or NBC Today Show’s Rossen Reports, to name a few. CSIA certifies around 1,500 chimney sweeps and more than 300 clothes dryer exhaust vent technicians. They are proud to use our logos, knowing they carry a lot of integrity.

During the month of August, CSIA had a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to some new journalists who weren’t aware of us. That resulted in some nice publicity.

The publication Mother Earth News was nice enough to highlight us in their August 6 article, “Chimney Sweeps vs DIY.”

In MEN, contributor Bruce McElmurray wrote, “Subsequent to my previous blog on sweeping our own chimney I received notification from an organization that specifically certifies chimney sweeps. I was totally unaware of such an organization but in exchanging emails and perusing their website I have found that this non-profit organization is a good place to go if you don’t want to clean your own chimney … The organization is called Chimney Safety Institute of America and is a nonprofit that educates homeowners and certifies Chimney Sweeps.” 

Here’s a great passage from the Colorado-based blogger’s item that we are reproducing in its entirety.

“An inspection by a trained professional may be just as important, if not more so, than actually sweeping the chimney. Having someone who knows what to look for can save a lot of heartache later. Home heating fires are not limited to just a chimney although that is a major cause. Clearances to combustibles, inadequate floor protection, damage to chimneys or flues are all equally important. A professional chimney sweep will recognize these defects in an instant. A periodic inspection will go a long way toward heading off a chimney fire and help reducing the risk of a chimney fire or worse. Having a certified chimney sweep who knows what to look for can be a real asset to having a properly functioning woodstove. Many thanks to Chimney Institute of America for advising me that there is a certification process and the benefits of hiring a professional chimney sweep.”

Thanks to Bruce. You can read more about his unique experiences on


CSIA also thanks California news station KTVU (Channel 2) for including Chimney Safety Institute of America in their August 26 story, “Crumbling chimneys a concern for many after earthquake.”  We were instrumental (thanks largely to Ashley Eldridge and Bob Ferrari) in connecting the journalists with a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep [Kirk Hart of Captain Kirk’s Chimney Service in Sebastopol, California] that they could interview. And the televised story and article contained this nugget: “Because chimney service companies are an unregulated industry, many companies KTVU spoke to caution customers to check with the Better Business Bureau and the Chimney Safety Institute of America before hiring a business.” We agree! Thanks to’s Amber Lee for the write-up and taking the time to get the story right, using a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep as their go-to source. 


CSIA is constantly working to ensure that homeowners, media, affiliated trades like firefighters and home inspectors, and other third-party industries, are aware of (and our free zip-code finder) so they have more information at their fingertips about how to care for their chimney and the heating device that it serves.

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