TV over fireplaceIs a new flat screen TV in your future?

Maybe you’re planning to use that tax return check from Uncle Sam for the purchase, or you just want a freshen up the look of your living room for spring.

It’s a common practice these days to hang a new flat screen above the fireplace.

While extremely popular, there are some things to consider before your TV makes the move to above your hearth.

Review your fireplace and chimney venting system. Some popular models of natural gas logs are designed to be vent free, and this means high levels of heat can be radiating out from the appliance. Heat and TVs don’t mix.

Check your fireplace opening for discoloration. We’ve blogged before on the problems that discoloration around your fireplace opening can indicate. The bottom line is that discoloration means some potentially hazardous byproducts of combustion are entering your home, rising above your fireplace opening and putting them into direct contact with you and your TV.

Consider industry safety standards when hiding cables. National building codes recommend a minimum of two inches clearance between combustible electrical wires and a fireplace or chimney appliance. It’s important that you carefully review mounting instructions when hanging your flat screen to reduce risk as much as possible. If you have professional installers doing the work, make sure you understand their plans for the cable and electrical wires connected to the set.

If you have concerns about the potential risks associated with hanging your TV over your fireplace, you also could consult with your local CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep, who you can find here: