At the Chimney Safety Institute of America, we are in the business of educating homeowners to help keep them safer and save them money and time.

It was back in August of last year when one of our 2012 most read blogs was first published about the importance of buying and burning the best wood for your fireplace or stove.

In our article, we stressed the importance of burning only seasoned wood, which means wood that is dry and safe enough for use in your home.

Now, the latest videos from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency take our call for homeowners to be wise when buying and burning wood one step further. As part of its ongoing Burn Wise program, the EPA has shared two new videos on burning better firewood.

Wet Wood is a Waste shares the value of using a moisture meter, and Split, Stack, Cover, Store is a quick how-to on drying wood for proper use in fireplaces.

Protect your family’s health and save money when burning wood with our, and the EPA’s, firewood tips.