For the second consecutive year, the Chimney Safety Institute of America is making it more affordable to become a CCS [Certified Chimney Sweep] or C-DET [Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician.]

CSIA has teamed with nine companies on a far-reaching promotional campaign that will put more than 34,000 postcards into the hands of a wide range of chimney-venting companies and affiliated partners; these postcards offer $49 off the price of a CSIA online review. Some participants in the program have even increased the value of the promotion by offering incentives on merchandise that is tied to a sweep getting certified.

The postcard is being distributed through the U.S. mail and digitally now through Sept. 31. It discounts the online reviews by $49, making the price $150. (There’s separate charges for books and the test. Find out more information on certification.)

CSIA’s certification reviews, often a requirement prior to testing, are usually conducted in-person with a CSIA Certified Instructor, who uses our Successful Chimney Sweeping Manual, the NFPA 211, and the 2006 International Residential Code book.

CSIA’s in-person reviews are held at its Technology Center in Plainfield, Indiana, but also across the country. We also have sweeps that are busy, can’t take the time to travel, or just like the convenience of online instead of face to face. They can register for a review electronically. The same standards apply online as they do in person.

CSIA has been making great strides to increase the number of qualified technicians. We’re over 1,550 with the CCS credential and over 300 with the C-DET credential.

But to boost our totals, we need to aim at newcomers and also those whose certifications have lapsed more than six months. CSIA believes our program has great value, but making it more affordable may convince those that were formally certified to come back and join us.

“We’d love to see more (CSIA) Certified Sweeps out there. It raises the level of professionalism,” said Russ Dimmitt, manager/technical sales for Copperfield. “It allows people to do a better job and service the homes of America better. It really helps the whole image of the country to be better and take us to that next level.”

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Russ Dimmitt [shown here leading a seminar at the National Chimney Sweep Guild 2014 convention in Columbus, Ohio] is with Copperfield, one of our vendor coupon participants.

“Absolutely, the chimney sweeps are basically the first people that talk to the public to educate them if they have a problem with their chimney or if they have a ‘safe’ chimney,” said Darin Bibeau, president/owner of National Chimney Supply. “That’s what we want, ultimately, safer chimneys.”

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Bibeau – whose company was No. 1 in 2013-14 when we did the first coupon project, serves on CSIA’s vendor marketing committee, along with Michael Boudart, president of Lindemann Chimney Co., which is also participating with great enthusiasm.

“We believe in the (CSIA) program,” Boudart said. “We fly their flag. All of our guys are CSIA certified. It’s good for our industry. We believe in it so we are going to make it easier for new guys and existing guys to get re-certified through a great program.”

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VIDEO: Hear from some of the participants of this vendor coupon project.

Thanks to coupon participants: National Chimney Supply; Copperfield Chimney Supply; Lindemann Chimney Co.; Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc., Regional Chimney Supply; Royal Chimney Supply; ChimneySavers; Dave Pomeroy Signature Training; and CVC Coaching.

“CSIA’s board of directors believe that homeowners deserve the very best in their home, and hiring someone with our credential is a great step in that direction,” said Chuck Hall, vice president of the CSIA Board of Directors. “Our friends in the supply industry are helping us advertise what we do. Their help is indispensable, and CSIA appreciates them.”

Homeowners can find a sweep by zip code or a certified dryer exhaust technician on our two websites.


Note: You must turn the coupon (or a copy) to us, one copy per student. If you don’t have one, contact one of the vendors listed in the promotion!

An example of the type of postcard that chimney industry companies will receive in the mail.

An example of the type of postcard that chimney industry companies will receive in the mail.