The Chimney Safety Institute of America is a private entity managed by a professional staff and governed by a board of directors. The CSIA does not have members nor is it a fraternal organization. Its purpose is to function as a nonprofit educational organization.

Recently there have been some discussions on social media with regard to the partnership the CSIA has established with Surefire Training Academy. The agreement was forged to strengthen the online e-Learning programs in order deliver a better and more cost effective solution to the industry’s online training needs. CSIA continues to maintain ownership of our content and the agreement allows the subscription holder access to expanded training in other SureFire Training classes. The CSIA has retained all Certification courses and our top tier classes such as Chimney Physics, IRW, etc. SureFire is a vendor platform contracted to deliver a small part of our education offering.

After being presented with this opportunity, the board of directors assigned an unbiased committee to perform a very detailed study by comparing and investigating similar vendors and platforms. The committee even explored keeping this in house, but after the in depth analysis it was determined this would not be prudent or cost effective for the CSIA to take on. After the research and committee reports were evaluated by the full Board, SureFire Training Academy was the clear front runner.

Prior to entering into any agreement, CSIA’s legal firm was consulted to ensure the proper steps were taken to ensure that no conflict of interest would occur. In addition, they were involved in every step of the negotiations to ensure that an arm’s length transaction was maintained between CSIA and SureFire.

It is not and will not be the norm to publish the Board minutes as this is proprietary information. However, in effort to be transparent a copy of the October 2017 minutes are shown below:


Chimney Safety Institute of America
Board of Directors Meeting
October 19,2017 4 p.m. EST Go to Meeting

President Chuck Hall called the meeting of the Chimney Safety Institute of America Board of Directors to order at 4:03 pm.

Directors Present: Chuck Hall, Chuck Roydhouse, Tommy Nelms, Eric Adair, Hope Stevenson, Brion Barnhill, Mike Segerstrom, John Pilger, Patrick Tinsley

Directors Absent: Mark Stoner, Darin Bibeau

Staff Present: Megan McMahon, Darcy Marlett

Guests Present: None

Meeting called to order by Chuck Hall at 4:03 pm

Old Business

  • Discussion of new Surefire Offer

A motion was made by Chuck Hall and seconded by Tommy Nelms to accept the presented agreement with Surefire.

Voting in Favor: 8
Voting Against: 2
Motions Carries:

Meeting Adjourned by Chuck Hall at 4:58pm


Chuck Hall
President CSIA