Congratulations to Chimney Safety Institute of America’s newest CCS credential-holders, who are also getting a shout-out in the May issue of Sweeping magazine, one of our monthly traditions!

We have more than 1,400 others in the United States that homeowners can find using our handy zip code finder!

Here’s a state-by-state list of our new sweeps and links to their personal profiles on, which is one of the perks of CSIA certification!

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps (earned CCS credential in March or early April 2014)


Mark Ormand ● Batts’ Chimney Service ● Albertville


Garett Kofahl ● Midtown Sweeps ● Lancaster

Jacob McGuire ● A to Z Chimney Sweep ● Lincoln


Matthew Anstine ● Chimney Doctors ● Bailey


Josh Modica ● Lindemann Chimney ● Lake Bluff

Jim O’Dell ● Lindemann Chimney ● Lake Bluff

Mike Porzelius ● A1 Masonry ● Bloomington

Marcio Vidinha ● Superior Chimney Services, Corp. ● Lombard


Dewayne Taylor ● All American Chimney Service ● Louisville


Steve Grzyb ● Horizon Chimney Services, Inc. ● Franklin

New Hampshire

John Butler ● Admiralty Chimney ● Merrimack

John Ceaser ● Admiralty Chimney ● Merrimack

New Jersey

Carlos del Castillo ● Chimney Sweeps Unlimited, Inc. ● Titusville

New York

Andy McAllister ● AAA Timberline Inc. ● Clarence Center

North Carolina

Patrick Tinsley ● Clean Sweep the Fireplace Shop ● Waynesville


Chipper Wyckoff ● Above All Chimney & Masonry ● Feasterville


Chris Alexander ● Chimney Sweeps ● Kingsport, TN


Warren King, IV ● Rooftop Chimney Sweeps, Ltd. ● Alexandria


Michael Hall ● Brickliners, Corp ● Williston

Daniel Boone ● Chimney Savers ● Randolph


John Bozich ● Chimney Mechanix LLC ● Shawano

Grant Kastning ● Chimney Mechanix LLC ● Shawano

CSIA Certified C-DET technicians who earned their credential in March, 2014.


David Childress ● Childress Masonry & Construction ● Sumerduck

Rhode Island

Richard Rua ● A Traditional Sweep ● Portsmouth

Donald A. Ross III ● North Scituate

Walter Costa ● Island Chimney Services, LLC ● Middletown


Catlin Bowser ● Bradigan’s Heating & Air Conditioning ● Kittanning

Mike Williamson ● Chester County Hearth & Home ● Elverson

Kevin Berghold ● Chester County Hearth & Home ● Elverson

Gary D. Hewitt ● Chester County Hearth & Home ● Elverson

North Carolina

Tom Albert ● Cashiers Chimney Professionals ● Glenville

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