Want to Submit a Course for CEU Approval? Here’s How:

Use the Tabs below to learn how to submit a course for CEU Approval, or use the button below when you’re ready to submit.

Have a course that you think should be considered for CEU credit? Let us know!

Instructors can now submit course information for CEU consideration with both the CSIA and the NFI Continuing Education Programs. Once the application is submitted, a committee from each organization will meet to review the program for applicable content and may reward CEUs in the corresponding categories. If additional information is needed, the committee will request it from the instructor.

The CSIA evaluates courses for relevance to the following specific areas of focus: Technical, Codes & Standards, Health & Safety, Communication & Liability, and Electives (including Business).

Here’s how to submit your course for CEU consideration and what you can expect once you’ve submitted:

  1. Start by submitting your course application right here. Although NFI and CSIA are separate organizations, we work together towards a shared mission of providing the very best education to chimney and venting professionals. So, you only have to fill out one application for consideration with both organizations.
  2. Once you submit your course for approval, CSIA and NFI will review the program and may reward CEUs.
  3. If the course is approved, you will be sent confirmation with a copy of the completed application.
    Your students can start earning CSIA and/or NFI CEUs!

    Application tips and notes:

    • You must submit a course outline (outline files must be under one MB), as well as all handouts for the course with your application.
    • All applications must be complete, or they will not be considered.
    • If you submit your course for CEUs less than 30 days prior to the course date, CEUs may not be approved.
    • In the past, we required instructors to resubmit courses every two years. You do not have to do this. The only reason you will need to resubmit a course is if the length of the course changes or more than 30% of the course content changes.
    • You no longer need to submit a list of locations and dates for courses that will be offered multiple times. However, we still need the date and the course number on the attendance sheet you turn in after each class.
    • You no longer need to submit separate applications for online vs. live classes.
    • HPBEF and NCSG staff can submit the application for courses that will be presented at HPBExpo and the NCSG Convention. However, those submissions are for that single event since the application is not sent to the respective committees for review. If an instructor wants to teach the same course at other events, he or she needs to fill out a full application.
    • When submitting webinars for CEUs, please list ‘webinar’ in the title. No individual certificates will be accepted for webinars. Webinars must have pre-registration and tracking to receive CEUs. Please export the attendee list report showing attendance and completion for attendees and submit it to office@csia.org.
    • Please have course attendees write legibly and indicate if they are NFI- or CSIA-certified on the attendance sheet for your course. If the NFI or CSIA box is left blank, we do not check to see if they are certified. We will only check if there is a checkmark, a question mark, or something to indicate that they are certified but don’t know their ID number.
    • Online courses should consist of a narrated PowerPoint presentation, video, and/or a quiz at the end to ensure the attendee viewed the course in its entirety.
    • Attendees can only receive CEUs for one class at a time. If you repeat the same course, the system will reject any entries for people who have already been given credit for that class. That’s because the system relies on the course number as an identifier. If a class is resubmitted due to length change or content change, it is given a new course number.

      By submitting a course to the CSIA for CEU approval, you acknowledge and agree that:

      • You are solely responsible for the administration of the course and for all content provided or communicated to participants. You represent and warrant that all content will be original, accurate, complete, and reliable, and that all content will comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and industry standards.
      • You will not reference CSIA or any trademarks, service marks, or certification marks owned by CSIA, except to indicate that the course is eligible for CSIA CEU credits.
      • You will indemnify, hold harmless, and (if CSIA elects) defend CSIA and its directors, officers, employees, representatives, and agents from and against any and all claims, actions, judgments, demands, proceedings, liabilities, losses, costs, and expenses (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) arising out of or relating to the course and all content provided or communicated to participants.