PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — Chimney Safety Institute of America attends educational conferences, in part, to introduce and promote our sweeps’ expertise to attendees. Attendees such as home inspector Ryan Johns of Palmetto, Florida — who told us he talks all the time about the “dirty chimneys” he encounters. Ryan says he always adamantly recommends to home buyers to have the chimney inspected/swept before using their fireplace or wood stove.

Ryan took home a giveaway ‘smashlight’, brochures — and knowledge — about CSIA and CSIA.org, after visiting our booth at the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) show here in the Keystone state.

We also let Ryan know that not far away from his home (a half-hour drive) in sunny Sarasota, FL, there are two CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps at Chimney Cricket.

During the NAHI conference, we also met Rick, Jim and Dimitria (their business card is pictured) who are interested in adding our C-DET certification to grow their business, 1st Call Home Inspections in Pleasant Valley, New York. (We were delighted to connect them with the material to get started.)

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Ken Winter, owner/chief inspector of American Eagle Home Inspections of Illinois (near Lombard) needed no introduction to CSIA.

“We go right there I just click on it,” he said, marveling at the cluster of CSIA certified sweeps that do business in the Chicago area. He said he’s invited CSIA sweeps to speak to inspector groups.

MORE: Find a CSIA certified sweep in your area to inspect your chimney, which is recommended annually! Go to csia.org/search.

We also met Jaime Nolan of Orlando, Florida (pictured, below) who recently met CSIA sweep Robert Meehan of Ocoee, FL recently and had his business card. He saw Robert was a certified chimney sweep and was happy to also look him up on our zip-code finder. (We sent Robert a note via his profile on csia.org so the two can get back in touch.)

Eugene Knuth (pictured) of Knuth Home Inspections of Fort Wayne, Indiana was another person we met who understands us. Eugene says he stresses to his clients over his 18-year career that “before you think about using a fireplace, you call a chimney sweep.”

He learned about CSIA several years while attended a class at NAHI convention taught by John Pilger, past president of CSIA, and a current member of our board of directors.

Pilger’s talk about common problems that home inspectors might miss – which a CSIA sweep is trained t o discover, “That stressed to me even more” the importance of a sweep.
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The NAHI event was Nov. 4-7.