A check of our archives here at the blog reveals that we tend to focus on homes and homeowners with our safety-awareness articles and information.

Residential safety is definitely an important part of our mission as we empower homeowners with knowledge of chimney safety and related issues.


A chimney inspection

But, it’s likely that you spend at least as much time at work as you do at home, and workplace chimney safety is also important.

Just take this recent news out of Minnesota, where a chimney has been named as the likely cause of a fire at a popular resort. Thankfully, no visitors or resort workers were injured, but five vacation rental units were damaged.

Media reports quote the business owner as saying he had an annual inspection of the property’s chimneys completed, which is a positive and potentially a reason why the fire was not more devastating.

But this article is a reminder that chimneys at work need to be inspected, too.

So, whether you own the business, you’re an employee or a tenant of a business space, ask the appropriate property manager if annual chimney inspections are performed by a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.

Inspections may already happen regularly at your place of work, and you’ll have more peace of mind about the safety of your office space.

If annual inspections aren’t currently happening at your place of employment, your question may help reduce the risk of fire.