You Can Help Us Sweep Away Cancer!

We’re proud to support and rally for Sweep Away Cancer, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps remove some of the financial burdens and stressors of those battling cancer in our industry. The organization was founded by Tommy Nelms, Mark Stoner, and Darin Bibeau, all three of whom are on our board of directors.

Every October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Sweep Away Cancer raises money and awareness with the help of participating sweeps. Want to help? You can show your support by donating a portion of profits in the month of October or by buying Sweep Away Cancer swag for your employees, customers, family, or friends.

Find out more about the organization and join the movement right here.

Pink Sweep Away Cancer Logo with Chimney Sweep Figure and Ribbon

One of the great things about CSIA is how it partners with local press and medial to get the word out about chimney and venting safety.