CSIA Code of Ethics

Being CSIA-certified isn’t just about knowing what to do – it’s about knowing how to do it. It’s about holding yourself to the highest standards – both in the way you perform your job in the field and in the way you interact with customers. That’s why all of the professionals who wish to hold a CSIA credential must agree to follow and sign the following Code of Ethics:

I fully acknowledge that certification by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations which may hold me to a higher standard of performance and professional behavior than applicable laws, rules, or regulations. In this regard, I pledge:

    1. To learn and utilize all chimney and venting safety practices and techniques that are promoted by CSIA.
    2. To render my services in an honest and fair manner and to refrain from engaging in unfair or deceptive practices or making any unfair or deceptive statements (including but not limited to the use of the CSIA logos).
    3. To comply with all applicable building codes in the areas I service, with the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the products I install, and with recognized chimney and venting practices.
    4. To promote and educate consumers about safe chimney and venting practices.
    5. To strive to continually update my knowledge, skills, and techniques and keep current with accepted chimney and venting safety practices.
    6. To conduct myself in a decent, respectful, and professional manner when serving in my capacity as a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep®, CSIA-Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician®, CSIA-Certified Master Chimney Sweep®, or CSIA-Certified Chimney Specialist®, and when attending a function or event of an organization in the chimney or hearth products industry.
    7. To comply with the proper usage of all CSIA Registered Trademarks as defined in the CSIA Trademark Use Guidelines.

I agree to accept and abide by the CSIA Code of Ethics as a standard in rendering services as a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep®, Dryer Exhaust Technician®, Master Chimney Sweep®, or Chimney Specialist®.

By agreeing to this Code of Ethics, I understand that it is my responsibility to remain abreast of any changes to the Code of Ethics, that my actions may be reviewed by a committee of my peers, and that failure to abide by these ethical obligations is a violation of CSIA policy, and in accordance with the CSIA Code of Ethics Violation Procedure, may result in disciplinary action by the CSIA or its delegated committee. I agree to hold harmless CSIA and its committees from any and all liability resulting from any disciplinary action taken against me.

Our Certification Denial or Revocation Policy

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) Certification Denial or Revocation Policy allows the CSIA to deny a candidate’s application for any CSIA certification or to revoke any CSIA certification for certain specified forms of misconduct.

The policy is intended to help maintain the CSIA’s integrity, protect homeowners, and ensure that the criteria for denial or revocation of applications for CSIA certifications are consistently applied. This policy applies to all candidates for CSIA certification and to anyone certified by CSIA.

An application for certification may be denied or CSIA certification may be revoked when CSIA (in its sole judgement) finds that an applicant or individual certified by CSIA has done any of the following:

  • Knowingly misrepresented or falsified material information in connection with an application for certification or certification renewal, the CSIA credential, CEU approval, or other materials or information submitted to CSIA
  • Knowingly engaged in inappropriate conduct in connection with the certification process or renewal of the certification process, including but not limited to: (1) noncompliance with payment procedures or instructions and/or (2) any other form of cheating or misconduct that compromises the integrity of CSIA and the certification process
  • Violated the CSIA Code of Ethics
  • Been convicted of a crime, where the conduct forming the basis of the conviction involved is of such severity that CSIA determines it is inconsistent with the standards required of an individual certified by CSIA.

Can I File a Complaint for Code of Ethics Violation?

Yes. If the individual currently holds a valid certification with CSIA and you believe they violated the CSIA Code of Ethics, you may file a complaint.

CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweeps®, Master Sweeps®, Chimney Specialists®, and Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians® agree to abide by the CSIA Code of Ethics. If you believe that a Certified Sweep®, Certified Master Sweep®, Certified Chimney Specialist®, or Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician® has violated the Code of Ethics, there is a procedure in place to address such issues and potentially revoke certification status.

Please note that the CSIA cannot affect or otherwise influence pricing issues. CSIA also encourages you to contact your local Better Business Bureau (BBB) or State Department of Consumer Affairs/Protection.

Note: If the company you wish to file a complaint against is claiming they employ CSIA-certified individuals but they do not, please file a Trademark complaint found here on this page.

How Do I File a CSIA Ethics Violation Complaint?

Step 1 – If you believe that a CSIA-Certified professional has violated the Code of Ethics, you must first complete the CSIA Code of Ethics Violation form and submit it (with the required documentation) by mail, fax, or email to:

2155 Commercial Dr.
Plainfield, IN 46168
Attn: Bill Wald, Executive Director
Phone: 317-837-5362
Fax: 317-219-0603
Email: bwald@csia.org

Note: A $100 filing fee is required of sweeps who file a complaint. If the respondent is found to have violated the CSIA Code of Ethics, the fee will be refunded to the complainant. No fee is required of homeowners filing a complaint.

Step 2 – The grievance will be forwarded to the Ethics Committee chairperson, who will review the complaint with the CSIA staff liaison. If a possible violation has occurred, the respondent will be sent a response packet (which will include a respondent cover letter, a response form, and all materials submitted by the complainant) by certified mail. The respondent will have 30 days from the date of the letter to complete and return the response packet.

Step 3 – Upon receipt of the respondent’s returned packet, all documentation will be forwarded to the chairperson for distribution to committee members. If the respondent fails to respond within the required time period, the Ethics Committee will determine that the respondent does not contest any of the complaints against him/her and will continue with the review process. The Ethics Committee chairperson or his/her designee will send a copy of the complaint to all committee members.

Step 4 – The committee will review all materials and come to a consensus regarding recommended action. The chairperson will forward said consensus to the CSIA staff liaison. A letter will then be drafted under the chairperson’s signature, and will be sent to the complainant and respondent, informing them of the consensus and recommendations. An explanation of the appeal procedure will be included with the letter.

Step 5 – If an appeal is received, the other party shall be notified. All documentation will be forwarded to the CSIA directors for consideration of the appeal at the next regularly scheduled board meeting. Once a board decision is reached, a letter will be drafted and sent by the President or Executive Director, informing both parties of the final decision.

  • All paperwork shall remain at the CSIA office.
  • Any contacts with either party shall be noted and kept with the original file.
  • Any sweep instituting a complaint towards another sweep must enclose a $100 filing fee. That fee will be returned if the consensus is in the complainant’s favor. Consumers will not be charged a filing fee.
  • Any party appealing the decision of the committee will be required to pay a $50 non-refundable filing fee for processing the appeal.

Revised 10/1/2021


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