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CSIA unveils free homeowner brochure at Fire Department Instructors Conference
Date:  4/10/2014
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Plainfield, IN - The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) unveiled a free brochure at the April 10-12, 2014 Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis that is intended to give first responders a free resource to provide victims of chimney fires.

“What You Need to Know After a Chimney Fire" was created by chimney sweeps, many of whom also have public safety backgrounds.

"Our goal with this nationally-distributed publication is to provide guidance to victims of a chimney fire or fireplace-related incident, making at least one aspect of their recovery less difficult and less confusing," said Mark A. Stoner, President of the CSIA board of directors.

CSIA is a nonprofit, created in 1983, with the dual mission of providing industry education and resources to homeowners.

While responding to a chimney fire, the job of the fire department is to contain, control and suppress the fire. The scope of their training does not include the cleaning, inspection and evaluation of the chimney. CSIA advises that residents not use their chimney until it has been swept and evaluated by a qualified chimney professional.

"Fire departments do a great job communicating to the public via the media and social media, about the need for homeowners to have their chimney annually inspected, and possibly swept," Stoner said. "We want these brave first responders to be able to give residents a free additional tool, a way to find a certified chimney sweep through"

The brochure is useful to those who have experienced a fire and as a reminder to those who rely on heating appliances that use the chimney for venting, to also have the chimney inspected due to issues related to creosote buildup, said Frances L. Kelly, executive director of CSIA. During a fire inside the chimney, the chimney may suffer joint failure, metal fatigue or structural cracking as a result. Often times these damaged areas cannot be seen from above or below.

The brochure will be available as a print-on-demand service on

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