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CSIA Ethics Violation Procedure

If you believe that an CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep has violated the Code of Ethics, please complete the CSIA Ethics Violation Report form (.pdf) and return with documentation to the CSIA office at the address listed to put the following procedure in motion:

1.  Upon notification of a possible ethics violation, the complainant’s name, address and telephone number shall be taken.

2.  A grievance-filing packet will be mailed to the complainant to be read, filled out, and returned to the CSIA office. Note: A $100 filing fee is required of sweeps that file a complaint.    If the respondent is found to have violated the CSIA Code of Ethics, the fee will be refunded. No fee is required of homeowners filing a complaint

3.  The Executive Director will review the grievance with the Administrative Coordinator prior to forwarding to the Ethics Committee Chairperson. The Ethics Committee Chairperson will have 3 business days to review the complaint and respond accordingly to the Administrative Coordinator. If a possible violation has occurred, the respondent will be sent a response packet, including all material submitted by the complainant. The respondent will have 30 days to complete and return the response packet.

4.  Upon receipt of the respondent’s packet, all documentation will be forwarded to the chairperson for distribution to committee members. If the respondent fails to respond within the required time period, the Ethics Committee will determine that respondent does not contest any of the complaints against him/her, and will continue with the review process. The Ethics Committee Chairperson or his designee will send a copy of the complaint to all committee members.

5.  Within 30 days of receipt of the packet, the committee shall review all materials and come to a consensus recommending action to be taken. The chairperson will forward said consensus to the Executive Director of the CSIA. A letter will be drafted under the chairperson’s signature and sent to legal counsel for review. Upon approval by the Executive Director and legal counsel, the letter will then be sent to the complainant and respondent informing them of said consensus and recommendations, and copied to the President of CSIA. An explanation of the appeal procedure will be included with the letter mailed to the respondent and complainant.

6.  If an appeal is received the other party shall be notified. All documentation shall be forwarded to the CSIA directors for consideration of the appeal at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.   Once a Board decision is reached, a letter shall be drafted and sent by the President or Executive Director informing both parties of the decision.


1.  All original paperwork shall remain at the CSIA office.

2.  Any contacts with either party shall he noted and kept with the original file.

3.  Any sweep instituting a complaint toward another sweep shall enclose a $100 filing fee. That fee will be returned if the consensus is in the complainant’s favor. Consumers will not be charged a filing fee.

4.  Any party appealing the decision of the committee will be required to pay a $50 non-refundable filing fee for processing the appeal.

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