Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals

Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals 3-Day Course
September 12-14, 2016 Register here

As a sweep, you are routinely in contact with deteriorated chimney tops and other masonry structures in need of work. Most masonry contractors are not interested in such small projects.

Opportunity knocks:  With an almost limitless supply of small masonry repair projects available, this is your chance to diversify and build profit.

Learn quickly and cost effectively with Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals.

You can learn masonry at a vocational school, community college or by interning with a mason. While helpful, these approaches can be very time consuming because you will learn about masonry from a very general perspective.

In contrast, “Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals” teaches you specific skills that are needed for chimney repair. Even better, it is taught by instructors with decades of experience helping sweeps learn these valuable skills.

The Masonry Repair for Chimney Professionals is an intensive class combining a short period of classroom theory followed by hands-on projects relating to the theory lessons. In the lab there will be ample one-on-one time with the instructor to allow everyone to proceed as their progress allows. Work stations will be situated to allow all students to continually participate in all aspects of the hands-on lessons while in the lab. The following topics will be covered:

Brief history of masonry work

  • What areas of masonry are pertinent to a sweep company
  • How brick are made, what types of brick are good for using to build and repair chimneys and fireplaces
  • Mortar.

The various classifications and types of mortar and the use for each.

  •                 Ingredients used to make mortar.
  •                 How to properly mix mortar. Hand mixing and machine mixing.
  •                 Tools of the trade and their use.
  •                 How to gather mortar on the trowel and spread it properly.
  •                 Laying brick to a line.
  •                 Building a brick corner, building a brick column, or chimney.
  •                 Joint finishing.

 Mixing mortar properly

  •                 How to gather mortar onto a trowel and spread it correctly and efficiently.
  •                 Setting up a speed lead and laying brick to a line.
  •                 Building a brick corner.
  •                 Building a chimney column.
  •                 Joint finishing.

The objective of this class is to teach students how to lay brick and be able to repair existing work.  This will be accomplished by proving ample opportunities for you to practice and to ask questions.

This is the perfect opportunity to diversify your business and build additional profit. Don’t delay — these classes will fill quickly.

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