Inspection & Report Writing

Chimney Safety Institute of America
Inspection & Report Writing 2015 schedule

Oct. 15-16 | CSIA Technology Center | Register online

Prices start at $399 for NCSG members and $599 for non-NCSG members.

Includes: Over 15 hours of classroom and hands-on education.
CSIA's Inspection and Report Writing is a fast-paced two-day program designed to enhance your inspection process. During this session, our instructors will concentrate on helping you create systems for doing inspections so all members of your company will be able to do the same level of inspections as you the owner would do. Using the NFPA 211  and the Successful Chimney Sweeping manual (chapter 14 - levels of inspection) as a backbone, the course will expand this nationally-recognized recommendation and apply it to every sweeping job you do. The session will also teach you how to look at photos from the field, address defects through systematic, not problematic, language into your professional narrative report. You will leave with scripted paragraphs that you create to define common defects you see in the field saving hours of report writing drudgery into a learning experience for your customer.  

Topics covered:

• Different styles of writing including performance-based, real estate inspection and proposal language.

 • Data collection detail using the NFPA 211 Level 1 and 2 inspection standards and the best ways to systemize data collected. Simply put, you’ll learn how to do a thorough and professional inspection in the field.

• Understanding the similarities between IRC 2006 and NFPA 211.

• Which photos to take and why

• You’ll learn proper photo progression techniques.

• Photography skills and how to describe photos from video scanners.

• How to archive your photos, shortcuts and templates on your computer to make the process easier.

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweeps earn 12 CEUs: 4-T, 4-CS, and 4-CL.

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