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The Most Common Problems with Masonry Fireplaces & Chimneys
This class details the most common defects found in masonry chimney construction and describes why they are important.  While these issues are common they are extremely important.  CSIA CEUs: C&L (0.50), C&S (1.50)

2006 IRC Residential Code
This seminar will introduce the participants to the IRC. It discusses model codes and adopted codes, researching topics in the code, and applying them to a project. CSIA CEUs: C&S (2.00)

Accident Causes, Prevention and Control
Designed for the monthly OSHA compliance safety meeting. Accidents don’t “just happen” in the workplace. Accidents always have causes, which means that accidents always can be prevented. Quizzes: 1.0. CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.50)

Accident Investigation
This class is designed to educate staff as to the proper procedures for reporting an accident. The analysis then makes recommendations about how to avoid the same accident in the future. These procedures reflect the OSHA requirements. Quizzes: 1.0. CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.0)

Annual Gas Appliance Service Procedure
Learn the basic steps of creating a professional service.  The class will show you how to introduce yourself and greet, how to read the installation instructions, how to clean components, and how to create and present report to the customer.  Photo examples are included.  CSIA CEUs: T (.5) C&L (.5)

Back Safety


This course

 begins with how many people experience back pain. It is significant. That is followed by a discussion about how the back works, medically. Wear and tear and sudden injuries are both addressed. Being overweight, stressed out and having poor posture can all contribute to a back injury. Proper lifting techniques are described. Movements that can cause injury are included. Exercises are described that can strengthen the back and make an injury less likely. Quizzes: 1.00. CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.50)

Because Accidents Happen
The objective of this course is to share accident experiences and to avoid and treat workplace injuries. If injury does happen the student will know the proper way to call for help, use his/her First Aid kit and follow instruction from the Fire/Rescue Dispatcher until trained medical personal can take over. Lessons: 1. Quizzes: 1. CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.0), C&L (0.75)

Become an Industry Advocate
This class demonstrates the various entities that can lobby legislators and how NCSG and HPBA go about acquiring information that may require attention.  It also describes the best methods for influencing legislators to get the results you wish. CSIA CEUs: C&L (0.75), Business (0.25).

The Best of the Worst, What Chimney Sweeps Encounter in the Field
Using performance, code, durability, and risk of fire will make it possible for the consumer to identify with the details of the inspection report.  CSIA CEUs: C&S (1.50), C&L (0.50).

Business Evaluation
Daily we as business brokers are asked to value and price position businesses that maximizes value before taking the business to the market.  Value is created in a business in a variety of areas including financial condition, operations, growth opportunities, management … and then when we go to the market and the deal structure and available financing all contribute to the ultimate value.  This session will illustrate the areas that create value and how ultimately you can maximize the value in your business.  This is not a theory session, but rather an opportunity to obtain clarity when it’s time to convert your asset into cash.  Lessons: 1. CSIA CEUs: Business (1.5) Communication & Liability (.5)

Chimney Lining for Appliances Using a Fireplace
This class describes what must be considered before installing an appliance using a fireplace flue, including the need for a properly functioning fireplace, a level 2 inspection and sizing.  CSIA CEUs: C&S (1.5)

Communicating with Your Legislators
Personal, phone and letter writing techniques to use to communicate with your legislators. CSIA CEUs: C&L (1.5)

Consumer Safety & Carbon Monoxide
This course covers: Carbon Monoxide hazards, causes for CO buildup, CO poisoning symptoms, and preventions.  Students will learn how to test and what tools are best suited for proper testing, as well as how to prevent CO poisoning in education of techs and homeowners.  CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.5)

Electrical Safety
The proper use of power tools with extension cords. How to identify when either represent a clear risk of electrical shock.   The importance of the GFCI is addressed as well as how electricity works and how people are affected by electricity. Class includes hand-outs about extension cords and a quiz. Lessons: 1. Quizzes: 1. CSIA CEUs: (1.50).

EPA Burn Wise
This class includes information about the level of emissions allowed in new wood-burning appliances and how the EPA is supporting the efforts of chimney sweeps through their own literature. Lessons: 2. Quizzes: 2. CSIA CEUs: C&S: (0.75), C&L (0.75)

Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
After demonstrating how repetitive motions can be crippling, there is a discussion about the soft tissue that is affected by physical activity often found in the field. Identifying those motions and tools that can contribute to these problems will help workers avoid damage that may make it impossible for them to work. Understanding how the body reacts to vibration from many tools and un wieldy posture helps workers to recognize and avoid those situations that are likely to be the most dangerous. Lessons: 1. Quizzes: 1. CSIA CEUs: H&S (1.)





Other courses and CEUs Lessons Quizzes



C & L



Extreme Customer Service & Marketing
Teach students how to interact with their customers to provide extreme customer service, The students will also be taught how to successfully market their business.
2       2  
Fundamental Service of Pellet Appliances
Provide the student with a generic exposure to pellet appliances and how to apply sweep services for these solid fuel combustion units that have similar characteristics of wood stoves, yet are uniquely different.
1           1.50
Gas Alternatives to Old Fireplace Restoration
Old, small masonry fireplaces that are found throughout the country, having been built around the turn of the last century, were small, shallow and typically of a Rumford-style design. Their hearths were often not capable of burning wood because of their proximity to combustibles. That is why many were seen as coal-burning fireplaces that incorporated a suspended grate. All of that to say there was no easy conversion to wood burning without significant modifications. Gas appliances that sit in front of the fireplace and use the existing chimney and flue are a good alternative.
1            1.00
Gas Appliances and Venting
After seeing what appliances are available the student will be introduced to the appropriate materials required to vent each appliance.  There the different materials will be defined and good venting practices shown.  There are slides discussing clearances to combustibles and choosing the correct appliance. 
2   0.75        0.75
Gas Installers Corner
This class covers practical installation tools that gas fireplace and stove installers will find useful.  Many of the items are not regularly used by the novice and this will make the installation they are doing much easier. 
1            1.00
Gas: Developing a Troubleshooting Mindset
The class is designed to demonstrate a successful method of troubleshooting as appliance problems using a clearly defined procedure. To do this you must determine whether the problem has been in effect from the start or has just begun.  The next step is to determine what symptoms are showing, such as sooting or a lazy flame.  Using that knowledge one can begin to pin-point the source of the problem in an effort to correct it. 
1           1.50
Gas: Electronic Ignition
The objective of this class is to inform students that there are basic principles that can be learned when dealing with electronic ignition gas appliances. It will teach them how the components work and how to troubleshoot problems. 
2           2
Gas: Professional Installations
This class incorporates many of the ideas that successful service companies take for granted, such as appearance and cleanliness of the truck and equipment. If embraced, the student will find a better reception as they arrive to perform their work. 
2       1.00    
Gas: SIT Gas Control Troubleshooting
Students will learn the specifics of the way a SIT valve operates in an effort to troubleshoot any problems that one might have. 
1           1
Gas: Testing Millivolt Systems
This class defines those problems that are either before or after the valve in an effort to train the technician in troubleshooting millivolt systems.  Techniques and tools required are demonstrated in the proper use.
1            1
 Gas: Things You Should Know Before You Service Gas Appliances
This class describes how to go about meeting licensing requirements that may be required by the AHJ before beginning gas appliance service.  It defines who you should contact to find out those requirements.  It also describes the various appliances that are in need of such service.
1       0.50    0.50
Using Diagnostic Equipment
Digital multimeters, manometers and combustion gas leak detectors are all described in this class.   
1            1.00
Growing your Company Through Innovative Inspection Procedures
This class discusses the recommended procedures required when creating a standardized approach to chimney inspections.  It includes language that is easily understood by the client and that reduces the liability of the company.  Cause and effect and following the PATH are two of the principles taught. 
2   0.50   0.50    
Health & Safety in the Workplace
In this session, attendees will learn areas of risk when working and various methods of personal protective equipment. Using other online references students are shown how to develop a business safety plan.  Slides demonstrate the need for personal protective equipment. 
1 1   1.00      
Hearth Protection
In January 2011, the new UL1618 standard for Wall Protectors, Floor Protectors, and Hearth Extensions, took effect. The new standard addresses the needs of modern, efficient stoves that emit more heat and clarifies how the R-value of heart proctors is measured and specified. The course will cover the basics of thermal energy flow to give the participant a good foundation for designing site-built hearth protection, specifying manufactured heart protectors, and confidently discussing heart protection issues with a building inspector.
1   1.50      
Heat Stress
Attendees will learn how the body responds to heat, why the body’s cooling mechanisms sometimes fail, what factors contribute to heat-related illness and how to recognize, treat and prevent heat disorders and illness.
1 1   1.00      
How to Get Your Customers to Call, Buy, and Beg for More
This slideshow covers marketing techniques to get customers to be prepared for extra costs, to encourage them to write positive reviews, and how to get repeat customers - especially in your off-season.
 1        .75  .25  
Identify that Fireplace Correctly!
This class describes the many fireplaces and chimneys that are found in the field and what information is necessary in order to confirm the installation is appropriate. 
2   0.25   1.00   0.25
Ladder Safety
Learn which ladders are best in a variety of situations.
1 1   1.00      
Lessons Learned from Fire Investigations
 If you have ever experienced a house fire or know of someone who has, then you realize how devastating they can be. You will be guided through how investigations on structural fires are conducted, and who may get involved in the case. Lean how it is determined who is at fault when a fire is caused by incorrect hearth appliance or chimney installation, and what the most common installation mistakes that cause house fires are.
2       2.00    
Masonry Chimney Maintenance and Repairs
Using standard repair techniques, this class shows a variety of repairs often required of masonry chimneys.
2            1.00
Masonry Heaters - Bushway
This online class instructs students about the history and design features of masonry heaters. 
1           1.00
Maximizing Word of Mouth Referrals
What word of mouth is; Who your effort is directed to; Where you aim; How to get clear about what you are aiming at; Hitting the target and leveraging it; Reaching the media to generate talk.
1       1.25 0.50  
Networking Using Presentations
This class delivers practical information used to create a professional presentation.  Typically this is done with the use of PowerPoint, but other hands-on methods are also discussed. 
1       1.00    
New Employee Safety Orientation 
Every year, there are more than 5 million work-related injuries and illnesses. That means that every year, one out of every 18 people in the workplace will get injured or become ill. Last year alone, there were more than 5,000 people killed in the workplace.
1 1   1.00      
Oil Flues - Service & Sizing
Using a practical approach, attendees are shown how to perform maintenance on an oil-fired appliance and how to go about sizing the flue. 
1   0.50        0.50
Pellet Stoves - Hands-On
Describing the tools and techniques required to service pellet appliances this class defines what is required of proper maintenance and troubleshooting these appliances. 
1            1.50
Quiz: Codes & Standards - 2006 IRC
With the International Residential Code (2006 edition) in hand, come to your computer ready to complete 10 multiple choice questions and cite 10 sources within 60 minutes.  You need to get 70% of the answers correct to earn the 2 CEUs offered. Each quiz allows you three attempts with 60 minutes each time. This is great practice for the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep exams!
  1 2.00        
Quiz: Codes & Standards - 2013 NFPA 211 Inspections
With the NFPA 211 (2013 edition) in hand, come to your computer ready to complete 10 multiple choice questions and cite 10 sources within 60 minutes.  You need to get 70% of the answers correct to earn the 2 CEUs offered. Each quiz allows you three attempts with 60 minutes each time. This is great practice for the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep exams!
  1 2.00        
Relational Marketing
This class demonstrates successful techniques in marketing a company to get the best results at the least expense. 
2       0.50 0.50  
Respirator Safety 
Learn the “why”s and “how”s of respirator use including the difference between air purifying respirators and supplied air respirators.
1 1   1.00      
Sweeping and Inspection of Masonry Heaters - Zander
This course will cover the different types of masonry heaters and how to care for them. It details how to inspect, clean, maintain, and operate them.
1           2
Transite Pipe-Asbestos
Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of what exposure to Transite (Asbestos) Pipe looks like and how harmful it is.
1     2    
US Codes & Standards
This online program details fireplace and chimney construction & clearances commonly found throughout the Unites States.  It also discusses the way codes have progressed to become more standardized throughout the US.  It consists of numerous code references including the IRC, IBC, IMC and others. 
1  1 2      
Using Ropes for Rooftop Safety
By using the proper ropes and knots a much greater level of safety can be achieved when climbing, or on the roof.  Fall protection is addressed. 
1     1.00      
Water in Masonry Chimneys
This class describes the various means of water entry into chimneys and how best to correct those areas. 
1       0.50    0.50
Where Does the Money Go?
This course takes you through how to create a practical and viable budget.  The graphs and PDF handout article will help you understand how budgeting works.
 1          1.00  
Working in Cold Weather 
In this training session we will discuss signs and symptoms of cold-related illnesses and injuries, first aid measures, protective clothing, and safe work practices for cold conditions.
1 1   1.00      

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