Chimney Physics Online

In this self-guided program, a quiz will follow a presentation about issues that adversely impact naturally-aspirated combustion appliances. This online program includes problems related to fireplaces, furnaces and hearth products of all fuels.

-This class provides procedures that will allow a technician to diagnose pressure problems accurately and propose solutions to frustrated clients. The program also includes information about stack effect, adverse pressures and how they are created, as well as indoor air quality solutions.

-Various venting systems are described, chimney location is discussed and students are introduced to terms that relate to “the house as a system”. Five quizzes help reinforce the concepts learned throughout the online program and a library of supporting handouts is also included as an additional resource.

The Chimney Physics course is offered every week. Registration closes at the end of day Friday the week prior to your selected session. You will have access from the time you are enrolled on Monday through Sunday evening.

CSIA: 1.5 Tech, 1.5 C&L, 1.5 H&S, 1.5 C&S NFI: 5 Tech

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