Installing & Troubleshooting Woodburning

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NFI Woodburning Specialist Certification
Exam included with registration!

Topics included in this weeklong course are energy efficiency, appliance selection and sizing, installation of factory-built woodburning fireplaces and wood stoves and troubleshooting woodburning systems, among many others. Each day will conclude with testing, to confirm a solid knowledge base is established in preparation for the NFI Woodburning Hearth Specialist certification exam session at the conclusion of the week.

This is an intensive week of training for those with a working knowledge of woodburning hearth systems. Hands-on training will be conducted in the CSIA Technology Center's technical lab. This is not a vacation! Sessions are likely to run into the early evening!

On Monday, we'll cover the basics of burning wood, energy efficiency, factors affecting efficiency, categories of woodburning appliances, codes and standards, emissions, woodburning venting systems, principles of draft, flow and ventilation, chimneys and wood stove connectors. And that's all before lunch!

Tuesday brings installation planning, including appliance selection, sizing, location and practical applications, into light. Then we'll cover venting system requirements and installation of factory-built woodburning fireplaces, fireplace support and floor protection, firebox and chimney installation and add-on appliances and accessories.

Wednesday morning will start with wood stove installation, including freestanding appliances, insert and hearth stove installations. We'll cover built-in high efficiency fireplaces, factory-built chimneys and masonry chimneys too!

Thursday will be spent on communicating with homeowners, system operation and maintenance and troubleshooting woodburning systems. You'll also learn to calculate hearth extension material requirements, make-up air systems and which tools are best for the job.

Friday morning, we'll wrap up with a review of subjects covered throughout the week and will prepare for the NFI Woodburning Hearth Specialist exam (to be administered in the afternoon).

Afternoon sessions will be spent on additional lecture and hands-on training in the CSIA Technology Center's technical lab.

Installing and Troubleshooting Woodburning Hearth Appliances is held exclusively at the CSIA Technology Center in Plainfield, IN, just minutes away from the Indianapolis International Airport.

Lunch and dinner Monday - Thursday are included with registration fee. NFI’s Woodburning Hearth Specialist manual and exam are also included with registration fee. Please note that you must supply your own NFPA 211.

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