Health and Safety Multi-User Courses

Finally, a health and safety program that YOU can easily customize for your team!

Each session gets you online access to one week, just register by end of business on Friday to start your session the following Monday.  Your registration includes a leader kit:

-Trainer Checklist and Leader Notes: List of information, documents and any prep you may want to do before you present the class. Where applicable, the OSHA regulation related to each topic is included.

- PowerPoint: Use the online course to present to the group once or multiple times.

Downloadable handouts to help your team learn.

CSIA CEU Quiz and Quiz Answers: After the group presentation, the leader administers a short quiz to allow employees to qualify for CSIA CEUs ($5/attendee CEU Quiz processing fee required)


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Accident Causes, Prevention and Control
CSIA 1.0-H&S, 1.0-C&L  
Designed for the monthly OSHA compliance safety meeting. Accidents don’t “just happen” in the workplace. Accidents always have causes, which means that accidents always can be prevented.

Accident Investigation
CSIA:  1.00-H&S  This class is designed to educate staff as to the proper procedures for reporting an accident. The analysis then makes recommendations about how to avoid the same accident in the future. These procedures reflect the OSHA requirements.

Back Safety
CSIA 1.50 H&S   
The course begins with how many people experience back pain. It is significant. That is followed by a discussion about how the back works, medically. Wear and tear and sudden injuries are both addressed. Being overweight, stressed out and having poor posture can all contribute to a back injury. Proper lifting techniques are described. Movements that can cause injury are included. Exercises are described that can strengthen the back and make an injury less likely.

Electrical Safety
CSIA 1.50 H&S
The proper use of power tools with extension cords. How to identify when either represent a clear risk of electrical shock.   The importance of the GFCI is addressed as well as how electricity works and how people are affected by electricity. Class will include hand-outs about extension cords and a quiz. 

Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders
CSIA 1.00 H&S
After demonstrating how repetitive motions can be crippling, there is a discussion about the soft tissue that is affected by physical activity often found in the field. Identifying those motions and tools that can contribute to these problems will help workers avoid damage that may make it impossible for them to work. Understanding how the body reacts to vibration from many tools and un wieldy posture helps workers to recognize and avoid those situations that are likely to be the most dangerous.

Heat Stress
CSIA 1.5 H&S
Attendees will learn how the body responds to heat, why the body’s cooling mechanisms sometimes fail, what factors contribute to heat-related illness and how to recognize, treat and prevent heat disorders and illness.

Ladder Safety 
CSIA 1.5 H&S 
Ladders are a very important tool, yet often overlooked in the workplace. In this course, you and your employees will understand the different types of ladders and what situations they are best in.

New Hire Safety Orientation
CSIA 1.5  H&S
Every year, there are more than 5 million work-related injuries and illnesses. That means that every year, one out of every 18 people in the workplace will get injured or become ill. Last year alone, there were more than 5,000 people killed in the workplace.

Respirator Safety
CSIA 1.5  H&S
Learn proper respirator use including the difference between air purifying respirators and supplied air respirators.

Working in Cold Weather
CSIA 1.5 H&S  
This course will educate you and your employees the signs and symptoms of cold-related illnesses and injuries, first aid measures, protective clothing, and safe work practices for cold conditions.


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