Uniform Refund Policy

Summary of Uniform Refund Policy

This is a summary of the CSIA Uniform Refund Policy. CSIA shall pay refunds according to the terms of the full and complete CSIA Uniform Refund Policy, a complete copy of which may be obtained from CSIA upon request.

A student is entitled to a full refund if the student cancels the enrollment agreement or enrollment application within six business days after signing. However, if the student cancels within ten days before the starting day of the program, he or she shall be entitled to a full refund less an application enrollment fee of ten percent (10%) of the total tuition, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100). If a student withdraws from a course after the course starting date, he or she will be entitled to a partial refund in accordance with the partial refund schedule set forth in CSIA’s complete Uniform Refund Policy. If the CSIA elects to cancel a seminar due to low attendance, students will be entitled to a full refund or full credit towards a future educational program.

This institution is regulated by:

State Workforce Innovation Council

Office for Career and Technical Schools

10 N. Senate Ave, Suite SE 304

Indianapolis, IN  46204

SWIC Number ONLY : 317 234-8338 or 317 234-6534

CSIA Continuing Education Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have attended the full instructional program in which you enrolled, and are not completely satisfied with the quality of instruction received from our education programs we will issue you a full refund of the registration fee for tuition. Refunds do not include actual expenses incurred for textbooks, exams and meals. 08/07


Refund Policy for Those Using GI Benefits
Federal VA Policy: Title 38 US Code CFR 21.4255 Refund Policy; Non-Accredited Courses for IHL/NCD

A refund of the unused portion of the tuition, fees and other charges will be made to the veteran or eligible person who fails to enter or fails to complete the course as required by Veteran Administration regulation.  The refund will be within 10% (percent) of an exact pro rata refund.  No more than $10.00 of the established registration fee will be retained if a veteran or eligible person fails to enter and complete the course.

The code states that the exact proration will be determined on the ratio of the number of days of instruction completed by the student to the total number of instructional days in the course.

This policy will change upon accreditation of the school.  The State Approving Agency will be notified accordingly.

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