Earn the CCS Credential

Thanks for your interest in earning the CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® credential! Here are the three steps:

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1. Buy the Books

  • Successful Chimney Sweeping (2011 edition)
  • NFPA 211 (2013 edition)
  • International Residential Code (2006 edition)

You can order each book separately or take advantage of bulk discount. You can download the order form here.

2. Take a review or attend the National Chimney Sweep Training School

In-Person Reviews
in-person review sessions are held frequently throughout the country and at the CSIA Technology Center in Indiana to help candidates prepare for the exams. The review sessions are not a substitute for advanced study. (Private companies and organizations may sponsor a review and exam event at their location. Contact Donna Kasmer at CSIA for details.)

National Chimney Sweep Training School
A six-day hands-on and classroom training program held four times a year for those in the chimney and venting industry. Includes exam.  Learn more here.

Online Reviews
CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® reviews are offered each week online. The 
online review sessions feature five lessons and quizzes to be completed on your schedule anytime during the seven day timeframe.

3. Take the exam

After completing the review, you have up to one year to take the exam. The Certified Chimney Sweep® exam consists of a one-hour, 100-question exam based on Successful Chimney Sweeping (2011) and the NFPA 211 (2013) and  a 90-minute open-book exam based on the International Residential Code (2006). Candidates for the exam must bring their copy of the IRC to the testing site in order to complete the exam.  You must sign the CSIA Code of Ethics at the time of the exam.

CSIA Technology Center (paper only)
CSIA staff can serve as proctors at the CSIA Technology Center from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Eastern Time. Please order your exam set
 at least 5 business days before you wish to take the exam. Your paper exams will be graded and results will be available later that same day.

After an in-person one-day review session (paper only)
Exams will be offered immediately after a single-day review session has ended. Candidates may register for the exams individually and are not required to attend the review session on the same day as sitting for the exams. You can register online here.

The last day of the National Chimney Sweep Training School (paper only)
As part of your registration in the NCSTS, you will take the exam on the last day - that Saturday - of the school.   Learn more here.

Proctored Exams (paper or online)
To arrange a proctored exam, whether paper or online, contact your local CSIA Approved Proctor
or local testing center to schedule a minimum of two and a half hours of uninterrupted time. CSIA will not send exams to public libraries. Then, order your paper exams through CSIA at least 10 business days prior to your exam appointment to ensure delivery.  Paper exams will be returned by the proctor to CSIA for grading and additional processing. Online exams must be requested at least 5 business days before the exam date. Online exam results are available immediately. Download the Proctored Exam form here.

Need to read more? See Frequently asked questions regarding the annual certification fee. Or you can learn more about the CSIA Code of Ethics and Trademark Policy. 

Please call CSIA at (317) 837-5362 or email

Video: Learn why CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep® Dennis Dobbs got certified, and why he continues to get certified:

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