Continuing Education Units

Instructors can now submit course information to be considered for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) Continuing Education Programs. Upon receiving the application, the committee from each organization will review your program for applicable content and may award CEUs in each group's corresponding categories. You will receive a separate email from each organization

NFI and CSIA are independent certification agencies that work cooperatively to serve the needs of their industry's professionals. This joint application reflects the similarity of their interests and their shared commitment to ongoing education. Please continue reading for more information on CSIA's Continuing Education Program. NFI's program information can be found by visiting www.nficertified.org.

Applying for CSIA Continuing Education Units

Each course instructor(s) must submit a CEU Application for Course Credit for approval each time a class is presented. If the course objective, summary and instructor qualifications have not changed, "on file" may be inserted where appropriate. Exceptions would be repetitive courses sponsored by the CSIA or other industry courses that have been approved and have no significant changes in the curriculum.

Curriculum Assessment

The CSIA Certification Renewal Committee will review the presented material and will be responsible for approving, rejecting or requesting additional information. The Certification Renewal Committee will be working on five specific areas of focus:

• Technical
• Codes & Standards
• Health & Safety
• Communication & Liability
• Business

When preparing materials for CSIA's consideration, please note the following:
• You MUST submit a course outline. (Outline files must be under 1MB.)
• All handouts for the course.

Important note about the online application process: Without submitting an outline and/or handouts, there is a strong possibility your course may not be approved for CEUs Application deadline is 30 days prior to course date, or CEUs may not be approved. All applications must be complete. Incomplete applications will not receive CEU Credits.

CEU Applications for Course Credit

To apply online for course credits from both CSIA and NFI, please follow this link or click on the button above.

CSIA CEU Application Approval

When an application has been approved, the instructor(s) will be sent confirmation with a copy of the completed application.

Regional and State Guild Curriculum Review Procedure

Material presented by speakers and class instructors from either regional and state guilds or association programs may be approved for the CSIA Continuing Education Program if the following criteria are met:
• Presented material meets one or more of the areas of focus.
• The CSIA Certification Renewal Committee reviews speakers' material.
• Sponsors/instructors of the classes must meet the same control and attendance procedures recommended by the Certification Renewal Committee and CSIA office staff.

If classes and all related material are submitted prior to the 30-day deadline, CSIA will produce certificates or other material labeled with the dates, CEU credits and category for the credits. CEU candidates are responsible for maintaining a copy and their own records of CEUs obtained.

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